Globally we are experiencing complex environmental challenges of international importance, including climate change, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, pollution and water scarcity. The environmental, social and economic impacts are all too apparent–depleted and degraded ecosystems that have adverse impacts on human health, food security, and social and political stability.

There is a key role for science in developing solutions to these problems but it requires scientists to be able to lead, communicate and collaborate with others in different science disciplines and with those outside science and academia.

However, few scientists ever receive this kind of training. This is particularly true for early to mid-career scientists, who would value it most: they have some experience and influence and plenty of career ahead of them.

The Challenge of Science Leadership training courses recognise that many of the scientists we work with:

are being invited into leadership roles without much previous training or support for them;

have very limited time available for training in this area;

need practical tools which they can use in the workplace

Challenge of Science Leadership Course

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" I found myself leading a major interdisciplinary project with several European partners and I was flying blind, having to learn on the job."

Course Participant 2011