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The 3-day CSL course provides a set of tools and interactive learning experiences with a focus on 3 key areas:

Day 1: Thinking Strategically

Thinking Styles – Differences in thinking style

Creative Thinking Tools – Mind Mapping; Plus-Minus-Interesting; Other Points of View

Strategic Thinking – Scoping; Analysing; Visioning; Innovating

Day 2: Influencing Behaviour

Leadership Stories – Great leaders we’ve known

Leadership Gearbox – Influencing styles

Feedback – Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Communications Canvas – Dealing with difficult communications problems

Day 3: Enabling Action

Opportunities Canvas – Strategic Thinking around a big idea

Network Mapping – Visualising existing and potential networks

Time Tactics – Managing time more effectively

Action Planning – Converting knowledge into action

Challenge of Science Leadership Course

The Course
Course Content

"I loved that the tools were evidence based – we used them on real work situations during the 3 days and I'm still using them today."

CEFAS 2014 Delegate